“Here’s a little bit about myself: I don’t enjoy going to the dentist. Now you know!”
— says @tdh (that’s me) over here.
“Sunshine dog http://go.tdh.me/1rlqZCK
— says @tdh (that’s me) over here.
“"The Full-Time Writer" by @ChuckWendig is refreshingly no-nonsense, even for him. http://go.tdh.me/1f4jYnM
— says @tdh (that’s me) over here.
“That @ChuckWendig fellow’s got thing all backwards, giving away stuff on his birthday. Happy bourbongorge, Chuck! http://go.tdh.me/1iGbRNG
— says @tdh (that’s me) over here.


Tumblr Post Types Breakdown: 
Yahoo Labs (yahoolabs) tabulated a sample of 586.4 million posts and revealed this distribution of post types:

  • Photo: 78.11%
  • Text: 14.13%
  • Quote: 2.27%
  • Audio: 2.01%
  • Video: 1.35%
  • Chat: 0.85%
  • Question*: 0.82%
  • Link: 0.46%

*Question posts are text, photo, link, audio or video posts that allow answers for seven days. To create a question post, add a question mark (?) to the end of a post or caption to show and select the “Let people answer this” option.

Nu surprises there.

“It’s a Bob Dylan kind of morning. It often is, come to think of it.”
— says @tdh (that’s me) over here.
“Gin and snooker, things could be worse.”
— says @tdh (that’s me) over here.
“#NowPlaying Brutal Planet by Alice Cooper on vinyl, but you can tag along on @spotify of course. http://go.tdh.me/1jpCLqO
— says @tdh (that’s me) over here.